Kinesis was exhibited as part of the InceptionVR Future of Art event at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

In this collaboration with Edmonton based DJs Fraser & Josh John (Rum Scum) and visual artist Evan Pearce (Notfortheireyes) we used a leap motion controller to blur the lines between the real world and the virtual one.

Using motion controls, visitors were invited to interact with an audioreactive graphics simulation, resulting in a kinetic and hypnotizing experience.

  • I built the application using Unreal 4 and a leap motion controller.
  • Users could move their hands over an audio and visually reactive grid in 3D.
  • By interacting with certain parts of the grid, the music would change e.g. reducing the bass or introducing a high pass filter.
  • We then fed the video output from the application into a live video editing sofware, further manipulating the image for a even more visually appealing result.


Watch a short video of the event.