Dreadnought is a free to play, class based shooter where you captain highly customizable spacecraft fighting with and against other players in session based multiplayer battles.

As a Senior Game Designer I was responsible for various aspects of the core gameplay:

  • Player classes and abilities: created a significant amount of the class abilities. Designed and owned the Hero Ship feature which became the predominant revenue stream for the game at the time. Tuned and iterated on various aspects of the base character classes themselves.
  • Class perks: redesigned and implemented a majority of the class perks from the ground up.
  • Game modes: worked on bringing Team Deathmatch and Team Elimination to shipping quality. Designed Onslaught game mode from scratch which ended up becoming the default game mode for the game.
  • Progression mechanics: worked on transitioning the game to a tiered World of Tanks based monetization model and its implications on core gameplay. This meant splitting existing classes and abilities into multiple tiered versions that still had to be meaningfully differentiated and balanced.
  • HUD and UI/UX design: worked with UI/UX team on reorganizing the HUD to better serve core gameplay needs, aspects of the onboarding experience, start and end of match experience as well as ship and class upgrade tree menus and their flow.
  • Gameplay tuning and balancing: rebalanced aspects of the game as needed, had ownership of our internal tuning tool and its features, including setting it up so we could tune the game without needing to deploy new patches to game clients.

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